• Hey all, this is the first time I have posted on the forum.  Just a little about myself: I started playing A&A just over 10 years ago.  This past year, a friend of mine told me about A&A Revised.  A group of us used to play all the time back in college, but since then, we have only gotten together once to play (we live approx 5 hours from each other).  Is there an A&A revised version to play on the computer?  We would like a game we could play against each other as a group over the computer.  Thanks for any help!

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    Does this include any of the optional national rules?  I poked around at it before and didn’t see an option to make any changes to units or rules.

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    No.  But one day it might.  It’s rather a shame because I think that national advantages is what truly makes Axis and Allies Revised shine.  Without them, it’s just Axis and Allies 2nd edition with more territories and two new pieces. IMHO.

  • I tried it and the territories were noticably different and the costs of units was different.  I think it was some half-way point between Axis and Allies and Axis and Allies revised.

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