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  • Can u land troops into northwestern europe from SZ8 on the gameboard?theres a small area of land from NW europe showing adjacent to SZ8…while most of the NW Europe territory is bordered by SZ6…thanks

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  • If any land is adjacent to the Sea Zone, The is no doubt that You can land a force there.

    In my experience I have never seen an invasion of Europe. I’ve only played once or twice though.

  • the reason i asked is becuase i have adopted the same "straights and canal rules from global into this game to try and keep it uniform  and a bit  more challenging…as  Nwestern europe in this game is like denmark in global,so i treat it as u cant pass thru the straight without holding Nw europe…in this edition…as well as subs only thru Gibltr unless ur the owner like global…so this was why i wanted to know.just for a house rule

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