In Triple A any way you can program the AI with unit purchases and combat moves

  • I notice the AI in Triple A make strange purchases or non moves that they should do in a normal game with a human player.

    for example Russia AI buying navy and placing the units in the black sea.

    or designing AI with certain playing strategies for the 1st for turns

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Coding the AI is extremely difficult and time consuming…

    Veqryn is the man to approach, but as tripleA is a volunteer program, the best AI is someone else online!

  • Customizer

    the AI is really just a novelty used for learning how to use the triplea controls and user interface, and for practicing a map for the first time ever

    playing other people is what the game is about

    i have no plans to do any work on the AI at all

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