Russian Revolution

  • If the Central Powers capture Moscow and then Russia Revolution happens and it pulls out of the game.  Do the Central Powers now have to capture two other Ally capitals?

  • '16

    Yep. Russia dropping out the game via revolution doesn’t give the Central Powers a victory point towards capturing capitals. You’ll still need to capture two enemy capitals.

  • After having played the game, it makes sense.  Otherwise there is too strong of an incentive to just push East in every game and have all 3 countries gang up on Russia.  This way, the Allies may even incite the Revolution (as happened in my second game) to deny the CPs the capital.  Also, if the attack on Russia is limited to, say, Germany, then it’s possible to push to Moscow and not give Russia the conditions for the Revolution.

    Besides, having to get Paris or London makes it almost irrelevant.  If you can knock Russia out fast you can pivot your armies and push hard to the West.  If you get Paris, chances are you can get Rome pretty quickly thereafter.

  • I don’t see why revolution rules make it any less important to gang up on Russia as the CP. Either through conquest or revolution you want that front closed down ASAP. Rome is a total gimmie.

  • I agree.  Knocking Russia out of the game is an important step to victory, whether or not the CPs get to check off a little box that they have one of two capitals needed.

  • Im not saying taking Russia out is not important, but too me it just sort of says the Central Powers need to take out three capitals.

  • But they don’t.  If Germany pushes to Moscow through Poland and Belarus only, and Austria is limited to Ukraine, then you don’t trigger the Revolution.  It’s possible to seize Moscow and then occupy the rest of Russia.  However, the CPs can also push Russia into revolution rather than conquer it.

  • Customizer

    Remember that Moscow has to be Russian controlled or contested for the Revolution to occur.

    If the CPs control Moscow it does count towards victory, regardless of Russian status.

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