Zhukov's trap reenacted!

  • I have been reading alot on zhukov’s trap and stalingrad and this is accurate, except for what you buy. If america and uk do there job on the western front you will not lose!

    Turn 1:
    Navy: attack navy in german capital with 1 fighter from russia, land fighter in karelia. Then send your transport, to take hits and sub to attack sub in western europe. Now germany has only 1 battleship and one transport for navy, which will greatly help uk navy to survive.

    Land: attack finland norway with everything in karelia, and 2 tanks from russia. this battle is almost laways won unless germanys luck is very good.
    Non-combat: move 2 infantry from evenki natl okrug to russia and move 1 inf. from russia to karelia. Move 4 of the five infantry from caucasus to karelia, and leave the one so germans cant blitzkrieg to russia. Now move 2 inf. from SFE into yakut SSR and move tank from SFE into evenki natl. okrug, this tank will help take back karelia if it is taken, or it will help take back anything lost to the japanese.

    Buy: 8 inf. place them all in karelia.
    Now if the germans attack karelia and win you can take it back on your next turn leaving the germans with nothing, but most people won’t attack karelia. Now if they attack caucasus, which they probably will do and they probably will win the battle. Get ready for operation uranus!
    icome:26 ipc’s

    Turn 2:
    Now if they took caucasus you have 13 inf. in karelia! send them and the tanks from finland norway to attack EASTERN EUROPE! Also send tank from evenki, fighter in karelia, and inf. from russia to take caucasus back! Now, you surrounded the ukraine ssr and if uk destroyed transport in southern europe, germany will have to go through alot of tanks and inf. in eastern europe, and if they try to and lose… they are in big trouble!

    Buy: 1 tank, 7 inf. Put 3 inf. into russia, and put everything else in karelia. Noiw on your next turn, if germany didn’t take back eastern europe, you can assualt there capitol with help from uk and us!!!
    If there any questions, please reply and tell me if it sounds ok, or if it needs help THANKS!

  • This looks like a pretty good strategy, except for the fact that a lot of people play with Russia Restricted, meaning no Russian attacks 1st round. You could probably modify it for these circumstances, though. Also,

    Get ready for operation uranus!

    What!?!? :lol:

  • That was simply the name of the encirclement of the sixth army division, thats actually what it was called, named by zhukov not me!

  • It just sounds funny, that’s all.

  • Moderator

    yeah I’ve not seen it played out but heard it from the master’s e-lips several times… you must be one of them 😉

  • Bravo my friend sounds good, this man is a master seconded only by my master offensives 😉 😉

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