Can allies use ally's Transports?

  • Well can they?

  • Yes.
    let’s say that the US wants to use the UK’s trn.
    first the US boards its units during its turn. Then the UK moves its trn to wherever. Then the US moves its troops off the trn.
    This isn’t very efficient. The US requires an extra turn just to move and unload its troops (i.e. troops board on US 2, then the trn moves on UK 3, then on US 3 the troops unload). Still you can do it.

  • 😄 😄 THANK YOU!!! 😄 😄

  • I just want to point out, that this even aplies if the transport doesn’t have to move. If the British want to use the Russian transport to ship toops to Norway, they have to wait on the boat for one round.

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