I'm Selling My 2nd Ed Set

  • I’m having an aggravating time setting up an ebay account–apparently I already set one up a long time ago and ebay and paypal are having issues interfacing around my identity because of this fact.

    While that’s going on, I thought I’d give it a go here.

    For Sale: One Milton Bradley Axis and Allies Classic 2nd Edition game, almost complete, in box.

    “Almost” complete because it’s known to be missing:

    The German setup card (which happens to be identical to the setup printed out in the manual so this causes no real problem)
    One Japanese Battleship

    All ICs and Artillery are intact. If there are other pieces missing, I am not aware of it. I don’t think there are any other missing pieces, but if a prospective buyer wants me to count it out, and can tell me how many of everything there is supposed to be, I can do that.

    If you think you may be interested, please PM me with an offer.

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    2nd edition didn’t have “artillery”  So this is Revised?

  • No sorry, I meant Anti-Aircraft Guns.

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