• I was wondering. Is it possible to send your air force, infantry and tanks on transports, and battleships straight into Germany’s capital instead of taking massive casualties by going through Western Europe? Thanks.

  • '19 Moderator

    Of course, as long as you can get there and succed in the attack.

  • thats fucking stupid going for the capital you have to go through western euro to dimise the damn forces and dwindle them down

  • Ethy: Dont be a knob. If you disagree with someone’s views, refute them, by all means, but do not belittle their questions or arguments … 😉

  • I think the best strategy is to divide Germany. The U.K. can purchase enough units to invade the capital, but it would: 1. Take at least three rounds to build the force, 2. Come at the expense of Africa, 3. Rely on wise Russian and U.S. players.

    Either way, you are going to experience massive casualties. You can take them in the form of infantry in the west, or fighters and bombers through the air.

    -Strike that-, I am not looking at my map, but isn’t it true that the fourth fighter move from the U.K. would take either an aircraft carrier or violating neutrality in Switzerland? Either way, they’ll have to get past A.A. and survive battle at the expense of infantry, and remain sitting ducks if they land in Switzerland…OR…cost you way too many IPC’s for an aircraft carrier.

    I suppose you could take Finland/Norway in R1, and use that as a base for your fighters, but that would preclude attack until R4.

    Okay…suppose you scratch the fighter strategy & go “All-Bomber”. You blow 15 IPC/rd on a bomber and say…minus 3-5 IPC in Africa, you now have 11 IPC/rd to spend on one infantry & a transport (R1), three infantry (R2), and a transport and an armor (R3). Round four would be the attack round. You go in with four bombers, amphibious assault, (considering the BB survives), two armor, four infantry, (considering the Luftwaffe hasn’t taken out that “spare” transport), and two “throwaway fighters”. A nice force, indeed. Germany has their average six infantry, four armor, three fighters…or maybe not, thinking you are coming after W. Europe. Let’s compromise & say two fighters, one bomber and the all important A.A. guns.

    This would be the best-case scenario. The best I might ever see. You’ll usually lose almost all of your sea units as the U.K. before you even purchase a unit, but if you have what you can consider a “navy” remaining after R1, it is feasable, but definitely not probable. If you are looking to “save time”…this probably is not the best way to do it, unless the German player is ignorant enough to leave his capital under-fortified amid a building U.K. force.

    Summary: Possible, but not probable. Feasable, but not likely.

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