Better quality zoom for triplea

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    i didn’t think i’d be able to change it, but a lot of googling and staring at the code, have finally led me to a modest improvement in our zoom quality

    check out these 2 comparison images, which are both at 75% zoom level

    the uglier one is the current/old way, while the more cleaned up one is the new way

    i should also mention that the sea zone borders never disappear if you turn map details “off”, however they sometimes disappear when you zoom with map reliefs on.  i’m going to try making an option to draw them on top of the map reliefs so solve this issue.


  • awesome sauce!

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    Oh yes, I like this. Will this be incorporated into a later version of TripleA?

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    I was able to make a method to draw the territory borders at different levels.

    The default level is to draw the borders underneath everything.  However, I added a menu option under the “VIEW” menu called “Draw Borders On Top” with 3 options:
    Default (normal, under everything)
    Medium (just above the relief tile)
    High (above everything, including units and pictures)

    Here are 2 pictures, the first (old) is
    The second (new) is the next version of triplea (1.6.1)

    both are at 60% zoom level (hold down the ALT key and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom out)


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    i would say, after these changes, you can play triplea at any zoom level between 51% and 100%

    because zooming still works with tiles that are 256x256 pixels large, and there are some other considerations involved causing rounding and other things, some zoom levels are better than others

    for example, 51% is a lot better than 50% zoom level

    anyway, my favorite for playing global 1940 is 75% or 80% zoom levels

  • '12

    That’s a pretty noticeable improvement in scale quality. I assume you’re now using some sort of bicubic or sin based filtering in your scaling algo? Also, a suggestion would be to allow more than 100% zoom.

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