• 1st turn I build AC/DD/Sub. This is enough to really hurt the allies in the atlantic for a while. Granted after a while the allies will overwhelm Italy, but it takes time.

  • Use every avalible resorce to hurt your enemy and take out as many pieces as possible as early as possible. Bomb the hell out of Britian and then Russia,  take the British money and use it against Russia and for homeland defence.  In our last game where the allies lost all three axis were knocking on the Russian door.  It was ALPHA+2 and it was one on one (double boards set up) but i think the basic principals apply
      Keep a good frame of mind (lotto winner attaude) even after a bad set of rolls
      3 weeks ago I failed to take France on turn 1 The week before I almost didnt take it on 1 so the next week I hit it harder and failed two weeks went by and I was all three and I had some good dice and the Axis got it
      I havent played the latest 3 or 3.5 but from what i read it seems like it favors the Axis slightly more than the +2
    good luck and if at first you dont succeed try,try again

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