Rules Deputy needed Gamerman01 et. al.? - Defining Pro-Axis Neutrals

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    Hypothetical Situation for debate -

    United States invades Spain using the Spanish beach head strategy. UK attacks Turkey on the same turn. Turkish forces repel UK. UK units retreat. Turkey is left with a standing army consisting of X infantry. Turkey and all strict neutrals are now considered Pro-Axis.

    Italy pushes one land unit to activate remaining Turkish troops that survive the UK attack.

    Next turn, due to fact that Germany is now repositioning forces to engage Spanish front that has developed, USSR attacks any remaining infantry and wins territory from Italy.

    Does USSR secure a +3 NO for capturing Turkey?

    I really need the answer to be from a Rules Deputy so there is no debate within the group later.

    Thank you for any input or help on this issue.


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    • 3 IPCs for each original German, Italian, or pro-Axis neutral territory that the Soviet Union controls. Theme:
    Propaganda value and spread of communism.

    Seems clear to me. Turkey is not an original pro-Axis territory.

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    Does the word “original” apply only to German and Italian territories or “original” Pro-Axis territories such as Iraq, Finland, Bulgaria. I’m not trying to exploit something but rather avoid a very lengthy useless argument/debate which will delay the game. I am interpreting this as explicitly Pro-Axis. When it is attacked by the Soviet Union it is Pro-Axis and became Pro-Axis on the previous turn. So in my mind, which may be incorrect, it is treated such as Iraq, Finland, Bulgaria. I interpret the rule to mean original Italian and German territories. I appreciate the input simon33 and I’m in no way being rude but I want the Rules Deputy to weigh in on this because you are responding exactly as my friend will when we play in 3 weeks. I’ve been designated Allies since I played Axis last time and I’m considering trying the Spain invasion to see how the mechanics work.


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    In this recent post…
    Re: Global 1942 Scenario by Larry Harris
    « Reply #43 on: July 25, 2016, 09:20:49 am »

    …Panther (a Rules Deputy) discusses what “original” means.

    This isn’t intended to fully answer your question (because for understandable reasons you want a direct answer from a Rules Deputy), but I’m posting the above link for whatever it’s worth.

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    Simon33 is correct.

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    Simon, Marc, Krieghund Thank you for input and clarification. This will avoid any confusion or debate later.

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