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  • My copy of AA40 (both Europe and Pacific) has just arrived, so I’ll be hosting a game next Sunday. We’ll be 4 or 6 players, but only two of us are A&A veterans. The other have played some strategy games here and there, but they haven’t played AA ever.

    I’m looking for some advice to make the newbies experience a pleasant one (I want them to come by and play again with us).
    Besides the two obvious (1) me and my friends who are veterans will play on opposite sides for balance and (2) let them win 😉 … what do you guys have any advice?

    Thinks I’m wondering about are:

    • what Countries are good for newbies to play? (I was thinking me and my friend could take Italy and the US and let the other for the newbies – Italy seems weak and not very attractive to many, the US takes long to be engaged in the war and I don’t want having a newbie player siting there bored and struggling with the Great Depression)

    • Is it a good idea go for a Global game right in the first time, or would it be better to play an Europe game first (not so long, less strategies to think about)

    • give them advices while playing or let them make their own mistakes?

    any other advice I’m not thinking about?


  • play europe first,and let the newbies be usa,germany,russia,dont give a newbie 2 civs to play,they will get confused

  • I agree.

    Also give them general strategy advice and the occasional warning if their capitol is going to fall.

    I have texted my team mates plenty during games. Replaced the smoke break strategy sessions everyone used to take back in the day.

  • '12

    I recently set up a gaming group in my home town, and over the course of the past few weeks I have had a couple of new people wanting to join in the gaming sessions.  Most of the other people attending are veterans, so I have been asking myself the same questions.

    I think that we are either going to play a game of 1942 instead of global or play just Europe 1940.  Spring 1942 would probably be the better choice as this is the more fundamental A&A game for learning the core rules.

  • I am in the process of creating a basic training system that teaches new players how to play. You will need AA42 or revised and it isn’t finished yet(at the moment I am playtesting the land units example(Which is a The Eastern Front). I am then going to create Naval units and finish of with other rules I.E. IC,AA,Tech etc.

  • Another good way to start them is with the 1942 edition.  Gets them used to movements and the flow of the game.  If you don’t have 1942 edition, download the map IL has and print it out at a local print shop.  The pieces from the 1940 games will work with this.  The rulebook can be downloaded from the wizards site I believe.

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    I second that.  1942 is the best way to train new players.

    I know you want to break out Global but you might scare them away!

  • Yea.  It would be nightmare to
    Teach 1940 to new people and frustrating for the noobs. Teach them on 42 or a theater level game. They can learn the general understanding of the game mechanics and then have a little easier time with 1940

  • '10


    I second that.  1942 is the best way to train new players.

    I know you want to break out Global but you might scare them away!

    If you use that funky little 1942 board then you had better anchor it down or one little bump and what a mess.

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