MEGAEINSTEIN - AAG1940 rules corrected

  • 1 SU is neutral to the other allies (even if it is at war with Japan) until it is at war with one or both european axis powers.

    2 While not at war with each other, Japan are neutral to UK and ANZAC, so their air units cannot fly over each other territories.

    3 Use the research tokens from Anniversary Edition.

    4 as the rules say when you conquer a territory with a major industrial complex the icomplex becomes a small one. Rule: you can only build major industrial complexes in territories originaly controlled by your power

    Map errata:
    M1 portuguese Angola instead of Angola
    M2 portuguese Mozambique instead of Mozambique
    M3 Azores islands in the middle of the way between USA and Europe in Atlantic with a naval and air base UK controled (an agreement with the portuguese government).
    M4 Mongolia with only one army instead of 6. Can be invaded with no consequence to the other pure neutrals. **Impassable mountains between Mongolia territories and SU territories (look at a map, these mountains are real and impassable)**This mountains would be represented the same way Sahara in Africa.
    M5 Ireland is an island separated from Scotland

  • Which Sea Zone is Azores in?
    Did you combine Mongolia into 1 territory?

  • Mongolia would have the same territories but the north ones would have mountains impassable separating the north mongolian territories from the SU territories. If you check a real map you will see that there are several mountains for real that were impassable with WWII technology and even with most of nowadays technology.

    To simplify you could keep the southern mongolian territories and eliminate the northern mongolian territories. Just one territory makes no sense because it would be quicker going from east to west through Mongolia than through China or SU.

  • Azores is for Atlantic what Midway is for Pacific - isthe midway from USA to Europe.

    Nevertheless Azores is more important for Atlantic than Midway for Pacific because Azores is all alone with no Hawaian islands nearby.

    The sea zone i would like that Krieghund or Calvinhobbesliker or another master player would decide. There is more than one possibility.

  • well, it does look nice in that empty SZ90.  But would it be such an influence on gameplay?

  • According to wiki facts:

    “During the Second World War, in 1943, the Portuguese dictator Salazar leased bases in the Azores to the British. This represented a change in policy. Previously the Portuguese government only allowed German U-boats and navy ships to refuel there. This was a key turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic, allowing the Allies to provide aerial coverage in the middle of the Atlantic. This helped them to hunt U-boats and protect convoys.
    In 1944, American forces constructed a small and short-lived air base on the island of Santa Maria.”

    So Azores should be a true neutral like Portugal or maybe pro-axis neutral & naval base only in 1940.

  • Azores are 9 islands not just one like shown in the picture and are a lot more to the north in the  middle of Atlantic

  • I see your point Krieghund but that does not make sense.

    If i USA leave sea zone A with a battleship and 2 transports through sea zone B where is a German U-Boat and if i:

    1 - leave one transport completely alone in sea zone B and the other transport goes with the battleship to sea zone C the u-boat cannot attack that transport completely alone
    2 - leave the battleship and a transport in sea zone B and a transport goes to sea zone C the u-boat can attack that transport in sea zone B where that transport was never alone.

  • If the Germans could get a bomber on the Azores then they could bomb the seazone off the east coast and central USA. With an airbase and long range tech they could bomb the mainland.

    But is it worth it to attack Portugal and Spain, would really have to at the same time?

  • Customizer

    Why Portuguese Angola?

    What other Angola is there?

  • portuguese Angola because was part of Portugal and because other territories in Africa were designated this way in the gameboard.

    Azores would not be neutral. Would be controled by UK because there was an agreement with the portuguese government

  • i have modified the first text today with a nr 4 sentence.

    check at the beginning of this topic

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