Japan 3 Turn India Strike for Global?

  • Turn I

    I’m playing Japan and declared war on all allies except Russia. (I made a deal with them that they can’t attack me till turn 4.)

    Currently doing a 3 turn India grab, took Java/Phillies/Normal China Grabs, landed aircraft in Kwangsi and built 3 transports.

    In response, the USA took all their Pacific units to the Aleutian Islands and built a NavyBase and a AirBase.

    UK Europe is going to fall on Turn 3 due to a successful airstrike by Germany.  If the USA builds all in the Pacific and I continue the India grab, Japan will probably fall on Turn 3.  Right?

    So I’m at a cross road right now, take DEI and build nothing but Navy/Fighters in Japan and forget India… or do I muster what I can from the Phillies to go to Japan and continue the India grab?

  • I’d need to see the whole board to answer…

    Fighters parked in the island of Japan can chose to scramble into sea defense or remain for land defense.  This makes it very difficult for America to allocate their own air units in this invasion.  Basically USA needs to put enough air in the sea to win if you scramble, but enough air in the island to win if you don’t scramble.  Depending on how secure India is, you may have enough to do both.  Has India they been fortressing or assisting in North Africa?

    Good luck!

  • India built a fighter and arty I think.  They also forgot to move their fighter and infantry from Burma.

    I have my Caroline navy in Java.  And my sz19 went to Phillies along with my 2 CV’s from Japan.  So I have 2 DD/ 1 BB / 1 CrZ / 3 transports sitting in Japan sz.  Japan has 6 inf and a art sitting there.

    USA spent everything in Pacific, bases, destroyer in hawaii to kill my sub that sunk its transport.  Has 2 inf / 1 DD / 1 bomber at Hawaii.  Everything else is in Aleutian Islands.

    Aleutian Islands has 2 bombers, 2 tacts, 1 fighter, and a CV with fighter/tact, 1 of each CrZer/BB/DD and a transport with inf/tank.

    India has… 2 tanks/3 fighters/4 inf/2 artys/1 bomber.

  • Personally I would forget about India.  The reason being that if the UK falls and the US is putting everything in the pacific then they arent going to be liberated any time soon.  If I understand the rules right UK can still build in India but forces in India are severly out of position to be of any help to the Europe UK.  If you take the DEI like you propose then you should be in a good cash position to at least occupy the US/UK on the pacific side of the board while Italy/Germany take on Russia.  Once Russia and the UK fall the game should be about as good as won.

    Again very tough to say for sure without seeing the exact set up of the board but that is the way I think I would go given the information you gave.

  • Turn 3

    Japan captured India successfully with no airplane casualities!  However Germany failed their SeaLion and lost all their planes on turn 3.  UK built sea fleet in the Med. and Germany is going to have to build everything he can to survive Russian/UK front.  Russia doesn’t have a frontline though and built infantry in Moscow, they have some 60 sitting there lol.

    A Question did come up though regarding Russia and the USA.  If Japan and USA are at war, and Japan/Russia are Neutral…. can USA land troops on Russian soil?  I said no because USA can’t land on Neutral countries.  Hope thats right ???

    Russia declared war on Japan Turn 3, and sadly I have nothing to stop his 18 Infantry from coming into Manch./Korea Turn 4.  Should I take out ANZAC or focus my attention on Russia and USA?

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