1940 Global: 1st turn, 3 players = Having fun

  • @ABWorsham:

    The A&A.org members are a great group of WW2 passionate folks. I love the camaraderie.

    I even enjoy the grammar police.  🙂

    Actually very true. I find most A&A players to be old(ww2 passionate), cordial(comraderie), and sophisticated(grammar police; I am lol again) people.

  • Just done Round 2 (before dinner, planning on round 3 after), and found out the IC tracker on top of the boards goes all the way to 80 (not 40 for Europe and 40 for Pacific).

    We just finish round 2:

    1. I attack Normandy with Germany and South of France with Italy
    2. my oldest son (China, US and USSR), is placing his units to prepare for a major attack from me on the Europe front and Pacific Front.
    3. My youngest took back Alexandria from Italy (I won that territory on round 1) and start moving his ANZAC troops to the Dutch territory in the Pacific

    I know these strategies are probably not what veterans do (I saw some on YG videos) but we are having fun attacking each others with no specific goal so far (I do not think we can see the long term objectives at the moment).

    Also  I just found out that you can use the IC markers on the top of the board, I thought the went from 1 to 40 and 1 to 40 but you can see that they go to 1 to 80 (see picture attached).

    Next round (3) after dinner.


    IMG_3442 (1).jpg

  • If you need any rule clarifications feel free to ask us!

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