• So i understand that when an enemy takes over a major IC, it becomes a minor one.
    If that country is liberated, does the IC automatically become a major one again?
    Or does it need to be upgraded for 20 ipc?

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    It needs to be upgraded.  This only happens in the global game, by the way.

  • thanks for the quick response

  • I have a similar question so instead of starting a new topic I’ll just piggyback on this one.  When you upgrade a minor IC to a major IC does it take effect imediately or is it considered a purchase and must be placed at the end of your turn?  At first I assumed it was treated as a new unit but the wording in the rule book calls it an “upgrade”.  Just want some clarification.  Thanks in advance.

  • I think upgrading works just like when you buy a new IC somewhere.
    Why should it be not like that ?
    If upgrading takes effect in purchase phase this would be an exception,
    but theres no such exception mentioned. So I think its clear if you dont read something into the rules that isnt´t there !

    But I admit I could be wrong with my opinion….

    So Krieghund please clearify this  😄

  • maybe i can help as i’ve read this answer before. when you upgrade you can place your 3 units there and upgrade the IC; next turn you may place up to 10 units there.

  • Like I´ve said, all takes place (as usual) at the end of your turn.
    The upgraded IC can be used on the next turn.

    Would be nice if you could link the thread were you´ve read this  😄

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    Keplar galvin is correct.

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