• Here is the scenario.

    Iwo Jima is left open.  US comes in with a Transport loaded and takes  Iwo Jima.  Kamikaze’s can’t target transports.  No problem.  US then, on non-combat move, brings the entire US fleet into that sea zone.

    Do I have to wait to do a Kamikaze attack on Japan’s next turn or can I Kamikaze on that non-combat?  Or do the US have to declare that they are going in there and I can attack them?

    Also.  Does Japan have to declare all the Kamikaze markers up front or can they place one at a time depending on success?

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    Kamikaze strikes are defensive action, therefore they occur only on Allied powers’ turns.  The occur only at the beginning of the Conduct Combat phase, after combat movement is completed.  All kamikaze strikes must be declared (including their specific targets) before any dice are rolled.

    In the box rules, kamikaze strikes may only be triggered by the combat movement of an Allied ship into a sea zone with a Kamikaze symbol.  In Alpha+.2, kamikaze strikes may only be triggered by combat in or originating from (amphibious assault) a sea zone with a Kamikaze symbol.  In either case, no kamikaze strike would be triggered in your example.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    So in Alpha +2, an amphibious assault into a territory say like Korea from the sea of Japan, where I have no ships or planes to scramble, BUT am getting amphibiously assaulted from, I can still use the Kamikazes? Say to try to blow up a cruiser or battleships or something - to prevent a bombard?

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  • So Kamikaze is only good against amphib assault?

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    No, they can also be used in regular sea battles.

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