Japan vs a Good USA player

  • I am fairly new to the game, but seem to be pretty successful when I play. But I am going to play a guy as Japan and him as USA. He’s played the games for years and years, so I want to be prepared. The other three players are going to be conciderably weaker than us as they are fairly new to the game and usually get pushed around by me when I play them.

    Whenever I am usually Japan I more or less ignore USA and put all my agression on Russia, but I htink I’ll need to change that.

    I got some great advise in the thread about IC’s, and was just wondering if you guys could quickly list some point form notes that could help me as Japan taking on USA. I seem to know:

    -first move buy two transports

    That is about it for solid rules

    Thanks, Scott

  • Good news - if he’s good he will probably ignore Japan!

    What he will most likely do is set up a pipeline of US troops to Europe, so your main goal is to take Russia before Germany falls. Sub-goals are to take Africa later in the game and swing your navy around to disrupt his pipeline. Also if your Germany partner is a rookie, make sure he buys a ton of infantry!

    Let us know what rules you are playing with - specifically Russia Restricted, 2 hit battleships, submersible subs, etc. - that will vary the specific advice…

  • You really don’t need to go after the USA, but if you must, this is sometimes fun…

    X= whenever opportunity knocks

    On turn X, land 6-8 inf in Alaska. The USA will amass forces to come up to Alaska, but don’t worry, Alaska is not your objective… On turn X+1, move all naval units to Sea of Japan for reloading. On that same turn, lots of USA infantry will probably move into W. Canada, and that’s exactly what you want. On turn X+2 move your entire fleet to Hawaii, and take it with AT LEAST 10 infantry. This move is called “Check.” Now the USA has many land units in W. Canada, but has to worry about the invasion of California. Which direction should the units go? They could take Alaska, but it leaves W. Canada open and makes the American player heavily rely on whatever infantry he places in CA at the end of his turn. He could move everything to CA, but Canada is open again, and the Jap threat in Hawaii remains… either way, you’ve just disrupted about 4-6 turns of US movements to Europe… Germany can breathe now.

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