• I was just wondering what you guys think of the US building an aircraft carrier and two transports on the first round, as well as UK building an aircraft carrier and 1 transport and landing 2 US fighters on the UK transport. The opponent I play against most often lands his German bomber in Western Europe on the first round and so if the US builds only three transports they are vulnerable to the bomber.

  • It’s a fairly classic Turn 1 purchase and move for the Allies, except that instead of two transports just build 1 and two infantry for the invasion of algeria on turn 2.  Assuming of course your concentrating on the germans, for the first couple turns with America build land forces to go with each transport you purchase so they have something to do after they are deployed.  After two or three turns you’ll have a sufficient transport force to create a constant convoy of men to Africa or Britain protected by your carriers. Then it’s all bombers and land forces to take Western Europe.

    Good luck

  • in such case i prefer buy 4 transports with USA (they will be much more useful in the game). or if you still have a russian sub or transport move it to usa sz.

    1 bmb vs 1 trn is very risky

  • East Coast or West Coast?

  • US carrier on A1 is bad imo. I am a huge fan of the all inf build or 1 transport and rest inf on A1. This is because you can place your inf on the west coast and move them to wcan and on t3 you ship them all to europe and keep your shuck shuck optimal

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