What counrty do you guys go after first? Germany or Japan

  • Yeah, definitely go after Germany first if you want a quick game. However, there are good Japan First Strategies that also have high winner percentages, so play with whatever style or mindset you like best. Personally, I’m more of a take Germany but also contain Japan (like the Americans tried to do historically) type of player.

  • Germany, it’s like it wants to be taken. Germany is surrounded on all sides and theres not much Japan can do to help it out, besides beating on Russia.

  • True. But the more I play, the harder I find Germany making an attempt at grabbing Karelia or Russia due to supply line difficulties. This is especially true once Russia has taken Eastern Europe. However, Japan is in a different situation, since there are so many ways of Japan fanning out in undefended territories and making large IPC grabs. Not to sound like a broken record, but their might be a way of containing both German and Japan and riding the IPC count to victory…

  • It doesn’t matter if you play as the United States, as long as you focus at least 80% of your forces on one of the fronts at a given time.

    For example, if I want to invade Europe and one of Japan’s islands as the USA, I need to decide which one is the priority and send 80% of my forces to that front.

  • I think in real life the USA contributed 60-65 percent to Europe and 40-35 percent to Asia.

  • I thought they sent 80% to Europe and ony 20% to Asia.

  • Whoa, that’s crazy!

    Before WWII, the Pacific fleet had 8 carriers. At the end of the war, America had over 100 carriers! Even the Atlantic fleet can’t compete with these number of carriers, 20 of the Essex class. In manpower, you might be right since the Pacific war was based on island hoping, but you can’t dispute that the Navy Task Force was one of the greatest (if not the greatest) in history.

  • surprise :D yeah carriers and smaller craft like frigates if im not mistaken were moved from behind the scenes mop up crews to the front lines, like the uss lexington, the carrier that was set to provide air support for the invasion of japan suffered over 100 hits from kamakazi alone :o gotta love the little ships huh :wink:

    but yeah germany first, they can do more damage than japan can simply bc it has weaker enemies on either side. annd what does japan have? i rest my case :P if germany screws up through bad strats or bad die to where they can be held by 2 of the 3 start pestering japan w/ the us

  • Germany first. More forces may be brought to bear more easily on Germany by more powers than on Japan. Japan may be defended against (briefly - longer if there are I.C.'s around the show), but they are a nation difficult to be aggressive with. At least at the outset.

  • Remember, when finding the Japanese in Asia, use an orderly, sustained retreat. It’ll hopefully delay them, while keeping their IPC count in check. No running with your pants on fire back to Moscow right away!

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