Classic 2nd edition, CrazyIvan (Allies) vs AcesWild (Axis), RR no bid regular dice, Game 1

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    So, how went the tourney?

  • @CrazyIvan

    It went well! There were something like 8-10 players/teams that showed up to play at Gamex for AnA. I won my first round playing Anniversary edition. This was only my second time playing through a game of this version. I was the Axis playing the 1942 setup and my opponent conceded about round three (he hadn’t played much AnA).

    Round 2 I was paired with another winner from earlier in the day which led to some difficult command decisions. We squared off against a pair of other experienced players. This game was Europe 1940. We were the Axis and managed to seize the Russian capital around turn 5 or 6 forcing the allies to concede. This was, however, due completely to amazing dice rolling on the part of my partner. I am not an expert at either Europe or Pacific and this was apparent to all concerned during this game as I struggled at times to stay up on the rules (if you have to choose between losing a cruiser or a destroyer, lose the cruiser, esp if there is a submarine…anywhere nearby). This put us in the final on Sunday.

    Day two, final round saw my partner and I square off against the last victorious pair from the previous day. We played global and had an 18 point bid in favor of the allies (our side). I pretty much torpedoed ANY chance of a win when I pulled the trigger on a “sneaky carl” with ANZAC turn 1 (dont ever do this on ANZAC 1). A DOW with ANZAC keeps USA out of the game until turn 4. This was disastrous and despite my partners ability to roll seemingly only "1"s and "2"s, it was not enough to stem the axis tide. Despite this and other sloppy, awful mistakes caused by not knowing the rules too well and difficulty settling on strategies with my partner, it was actually far far closer than anyone thought it would get and nearly went the other way. (the french fighter failed to clear the blocking Italian destroyer in the Med that would have allowed the USA invasion convoy to seize Italy on turn 5).

    Anyway, never made it to the final round like that before. I’m now using some of my AnA time to brush up on 1940 rules and situations. I will be much more competitive and prepared for Strategicon in September including having my own custom map and pieces done so I’ll definitely post pics after that tournament and may even upload a youtube video.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Heh heh, I was thinking that you had found a get together of classic players at a tourney, lol. I’m bad at classic, but much worse at AE, and have so far resisted the urge to so much as take a peek at G40.

  • '19

    Ok, so if I corrected all the mistakes I made in my first PBF game with you, we should see the second game created HERE!


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