• TripleA '12

    Dear Krieghund,

    I’m a wee bit confused regarding the new entry about Paratroopers on page 3 of the updated FAQ. It says “If a Tank is blitzing through an unoccupied hostile territory…etc” I thought that territories (on land) were either ‘controlled’ or ‘occupied’ (or indeed both) and that sea zones (on water) were either ‘hostile’ or ‘friendly’ (but never both).

    So - is there any such thing as an unoccupied hostile territory? I would have thought that if an enemy territory was occupied then it was considered hostile. I did not think that an enemy controlled - but unoccupied - territory would have been considered hostile.

    Therefore, I would have expected the rules to allow both the Bomber (carrying the Paratrooper) and the Tank to blitz together through the first enemy controlled territory, and on to the second enemy controlled and occupied (hostile) territory. Or - if the second one was also empty, and the tank would have to stop due to it’s movement of 2 - the Bomber & Para could continue onwards (range permitting) until they found a hostile territory.

    I hope that makes sense? Sorry to be a pain but I hope you can resolve this puzzle. Thank you again in advance.  🙂

  • Official Q&A

    Any territory with an enemy control marker on it is hostile, whether it is occupied or not.

  • On page 5

    Shouldn’t “fighter” be replaced with “cruiser” in the first line of the answer. The defender has a sub and cruiser, the attacker has the fighter.

    Q. Assume there’s a sea zone that contains an enemy sub and cruiser, and that I attack it with a destroyer and a fighter. If the defender scores two hits in the first combat round, can I take the hit from the cruiser on my destroyer, saving my fighter, since the sub can’t hit it?
    A. No. Because you have a destroyer, the defender’s sub rolls in Step 4 along with his or her fighter cruiser. Since both defending units roll in the same combat step and all dice are rolled in a step before applying casualties, the two hits are applied together. Therefore, you must apply both hits if possible. The only way to apply both hits is to take the cruiser hit on the fighter and the sub hit on the destroyer.

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