Boxcars' AA50 Setup Cards (1st Edition Style) & Battle Board

  • Since I’ve cut my A&A teeth back in '84 with 1st edition, it holds a certain sentimental value to me.  Every other version I’ve purchased since, I’ve felt that they have “gone cheap” on the included materials.  Anything cardboard is no longer thicker than a cereal box.  And the graphics on the new stuff?!  They tried too hard in my opinion.

    Since my group plays AA50 now (or at least we did until we purchased AAE40 & AAP40), I created a set of Setup Cards that capture that 1st edition feel.  I cut them out (10.5" x 3.75") and mount them on foam board.  Works very well.

    (This preview .png kinda cuts off the borders of the card…looks better in .pdf format.)

    I’m now ready to share this with the A& community.  I hope you guys like them.

    AA50 Setup Cards:

    I’ve also reverse-engineered the Battle Board for those new players among us.

    Battle Board:



  • Nice, but I prefer the newer setup charts. I prefer looking at a list of unis in each territory than a graph where I have to look to the left to see which unit type I need and I could get confused on

  • '10

    The Set-up cards are very cool.  They have that AAA 2nd Ed “vintage” look.

  • Where could I find free downloads of the setup information, game board, battle board, tokens, and other player aids and charts for the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition?

  • Download of setup charts didn’t work.

  • I just checked the download…appears to work just fine.


  • How could I download a full copy of the Anniversary Edition map? I’ve thought I’ve found a way, but then it always will only print a corner of the map.

  • Customizer

    Boxcars this is awesome, like retro A&A!  :-D

  • do you have different cards for 1942 version?

    I didn’t download the cards . . . .

  • @Viracocha: thanks!  Glad you like 'em.

    @axis_roll: Nope, sorry.  I only made the cards for the scenario that we tend to play.  ('Course now I need to wait for the Global 1940 startup to be finalized…and I’ll do those next)


  • '17 '16

    I can’t find any other kind of initial setup cards (player’s help) of AA50 for 1941 and 1942 setups.
    Is their some kind of embargo on this material?
    I can easily found all the initial set-up of 1942.2 and Global second edition.
    Why it is not here in this Anniversary sub-forum?
    Is it possible to post some players help (in M.S. WORD) that I wrote from my own copy of AA50?
    Or is there a copyright forbidding it?

    Thanks for the answer.

  • '17 '16

    If one were to take this down to kinkos or wherever to  have it printed (such as the battle board), how do I know, or what is the “preferred/assumed” size in having this made… like 10"x12" or whatever… is there an official size to these types of battle boards?

  • '17 '16

    Answered my own question… I went down to the Fed-Ex copy and printing shop in town and had it made on “Outdoor Banner Vinyl”… the PDF defaults to 11"x11"… the original A&A Classic Battle Board is 9"x9"… I scaled this version down a tad to 9.5"x9.5" so it would fit into my 1941 box (11"x11" would not have fit in the 1941 box), but I still made it a tad larger than the original battle board.

    Anyways, had it put on Vinyl, then took it to a frame shop and had them mount a board to the back, and this is the final result:


  • Both boards look very nice.  I like the idea of laminating it and then mounting it on a board.  That makes if much more durable.

  • '14

    GRRRRRRR! more .rar files. Thanks for the battle board though. Getting closer to the full game experience without even having to open my box :)

  • '22

    So I attempted my own stylized take on the AA50 set up cards and National Objectives as I find myself squinting quite a bit on the provided ones. Two per 8.5"x11" letter which would print out nicely on card stock. I think I got the counts right, but let me know if anyone catches any typos! Enjoy!

    AA50 Setup Cards (1941).pdf

    AA50 Setup Cards (1942).pdf

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