• my friend argued that you cannot place us ftr on uk newly built ac in round one. i couldn’t find a specific part in the rule book saying that it is allowed. can you help with this? his main argument was that the countryies’ turns in each round happen all at the same time and so, since you can’t land a newly or already built ftr on a newly built ac (in uk turn 1), you can’t land a us ftr on a newly built uk ac

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    I don’t have a rule book with me but you CAN place US ftrs on a UK AC in rd 1. Your friends logic is a little off. The turns do not happen at the same time, the have a specific order - R, G, UK, J, US. And once it is the US’s turn any units on the board before the US goes are no longer “newly purchased”, thus the US can land ftrs on a UK AC, or Russian AC for that matter.

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    Oh! Think about this, if German captures Kar, it IS legal for Japan to land ftrs to help defend. But by your friends logic they could not because the turns happen at the same time and this is a newly captured territory.
    So your friends logic is the main flaw.
    Or if UK takes WE, it is legal for US to reinforce the defense with its ftrs, it is the same principle. Maybe there is something in the rule book about that stuff. Hope this helped.

  • thanks. i knew it was legal, i was just looking for a specific example to disprove his logic.

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