• Hello everybody!! I’m a new member to the site but I’ve been browsing the posts from time to time.  I just love all the great questions/answers and info presented here from all of you diehard gamers.  This site has really helped to improve my gaming experience and appreciation for the complexity of axis and allies. That being said, I was hoping to tap some of your knowledge.  So here goes my question:  suppose the allies control and have industrialized norway and proceed to place surface naval units in the baltic sea zone where the hun have surface vessels as well.  On germany’s turn I realize they can stay put or move their ships out of the sea zone to avoid combat.  Being that particular sea zone is only adjacent to one other sea zone (sz 6? I dont have the board in front of me), if allied ships are present there as well can the german player move through them or is he compelled to conduct combat there??  This situation arose while gaming recently and no clear consensus was reached.  My gut tells me the german navy would have to fight in the seazone they withdrew to because it’s hostile.  But can they even go there being it is hostile??  I’m so confused!!

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    By the way, I “War” out of Woodhaven, Michigan if anyone wants to drop some dice…

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    Welcome, B@ttleshipRow!

    The movement that you’re talking about is a combat movement, so it must follow all of the rules of combat movement, with one exception - it doesn’t have to result in combat.  However, since in this case the cornered German fleet’s available options all end in hostile sea zones, the only choice it really has is which Allied fleet it’s going to do battle with.  As a result, Germany may move its ships into the other hostile sea zone, but it will have to fight there.

  • Hey Krieghound, thanks for the clarification!!  I kinda suspected comabat was a must in that situation, and that was the allied players intent (he was USA).  He wanted to force the germans hand so that the seazone would be clear for UK to utilize their shore bombardment capabilities without being negated by the lingering german fleet.  I will pass along your wisdom, thanks again.

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