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    I played a new opponent F2F last weekend.  I had all 6 chart 2 techs for USA and then he got heavy bombers for Germany.  Then I realized that since I had radar for the US, I could export an American AA to the UK to double their protection against Strat bombing.  My opponent protested loudly (and I haven’t even done it yet).  He didn’t think the teched up AA gun could shoot at his bomber.  I said I thought the best AA gun in the territory could fire.  I haven’t double checked, but I believe the rules are not crystal clear on the matter.  I asked him “what if I transport the British AA away from the UK and the USA AA is the only one there?”  He didn’t like that either.  I suppose he just wanted to bomb the daylights out of me with minimal consequences.  What say you?

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    It’s perfectly legal for a US AA gun to be moved to the UK (place a US NCM under it to indicate ownership).  You can have more than one AA gun in a territory.  When enemy planes attack, only one AA gun can fire, but it’s up to the owning player(s) which one that will be.

  • I agree with Krieghund too.  There is nothing stating you cannot do that.  As well gamerman01, great for you to even think of doing that.  Not sure I would have!!

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    Thx, guys.

    Yep, we are in round 10, and I have 6 techs with USA.  I never rolled more than 2 a turn (except 3 in last turn to get heavies I guess), and I think none in the first round.  I was incurring heavy pyschological damage on my opponent by rolling 2 a turn and usually getting a 6!  Lucky for him Heavy Bombers were the last one I acquired.

    If we continue our game, I will definitely have to move the radar to the UK.  Hopefully I have a transport off the Eastern US right now.  Thanks guys for backing up my interpretation of the rules.  I won’t feel cheesy for doing it now.

  • if USA gets radar, buy about 3 aa guns.  put 1 in the UK, 1 in russia and 1 in cau.  that will help keep the axis from SBRing uk and Russia to death.  seems whenever i try for tech with the US, i always get radar first.  some people say “worthless tech for USA”. i say not.  send the aa gun from washington to london first, then get some over to russia.

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    You’re right - it’s far from worthless for USA.

    Only problem is, if my radar deters my opponent from SBR, it just makes it more likely he’ll bomb my units and I won’t even get the AA at “1” chance!!

  • yes but then you’ll get a chance to shoot down his bombers with something that rolls def at at least 2.  unless you have some bomber on bomber action going on…

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