• With my friends we all agreed that War Bonds would be a great tech, if it were not so weak. With an average of +3.5IPC/turn and a cost of 10 to have it around turn 2, it would not pay off until round 5. Additionally, 10 IPC first turn is as strong as 20 or 30 fifth turn because it has so much more influence on the momentum of the game. Thus, we have upped it from 1d6 to 2d6. It has been acquired in two of our games and in both was handy enough to be worthwhile but not a gamebreaker like heavy bombers or LRA. Any other opinions on this edit?

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    I agree that War Bonds is one of the weakest techs.
    1d6 generates on average 3.5 IPCs per turn, while 2d6 generates 7ipcs per turn.  7 might be too much.

    another option could be similar to LHTR for HB.  Roll 2 dice, pick the highest of the two, then add one.

    rolling two dice and picking the highest of the two generates an average of 4.5 ipcs per turn…. and if you add one that brings it to 5.5 ipcs per turn.  That would be just enough to offset a single heavy bomber rolling under larry harris tournament rules.

    i think an average of 5.5 would be just enough to make war bonds decent.

  • Well, the reason why I would like it a little bit better than decent is so that tech tree 1 is actually worth using. It takes a lot to convince people away from heavy bombers, jet fighters and LRA.

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