• What are some of your favorite WW1 house rules? I usually play with Larry tourney rules, but im looking for new ones.

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    Tanks move 2 spaces, India is limited to 4 units per turn, subs can convoy without automatically activating the usa, play 10 full rounds and then count up ipcs to see who won.

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    I’ve liked the idea proposed by others to give the Munich territory the ability to place new German units, just as India works for the UK. This helps the Germans, and by extension the Austrians, on the western side of the map.


  • The most influential and my favorite is not limiting India but splitting the UK into two economies as in 1940.  I use ANZAC to represent the British and Commonwealth troops in Africa and Asia and IPCs generated there.  It gets rid of the anomaly of India and helps the Turks.

    Another good one is neutral Italy turn one.

    Another one I like just for history is making non-major power’s African colonies unconquerable by the Allies.  Belgian Congo and the Portuguese colonies never give the Allies income.  Furthermore, attacking Spanish Morocco activates Spain.

  • I have posted many ideas on house rules, some good, some not so. But, at a minimum, do this…

    1. Setup: Add 1 GE CA in SZ26 - represents German presence in Indian Ocean.
    2. Setup: Add 1 GE AR in GEA - represents gun boats on Lake Tanganyika (can also add rule this unit cannot move).
    3. Setup: Change GE AR in SWA to IN.
    4. Setup: Add 1 GE IN in KAM.
    5. Setup: Add 1 FR IN in FEA.
    6. Setup: Add 1 GE SS in SZ18 - represents German presence in Mediterranean.
    7. Setup: Change 1 OE CA to TR in SZ20.
    8. Setup: Change 1 RU CA to SS in SZ21.
    9. Setup: Change UK TR to SS in SZ2.
    10. Switzerland is impassable.
    11. Mobilization territories: Following can mobilize max of 2 x IPC value, plus restrictions. Bombay: Min. build 1 unit; Cannot build ships or tanks. Munich: Infantry, artillery only. Ottawa: Min. build 1 unit; Cannot build warships. Tatarstan: Infantry, artillery only. Marseilles: No restrictions.
    12. Mines vs. Transports: Allow mine hits to absorbed by loss of a load.

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