• I just bought the axis and allies world game, and i am having trouble with the fighters, if you are attacking with some infantry tanks and 3 fighters and one bomber against infantry tanks and one fighter, do the attacking fighters and bombers just bomb all the defending units or does the one defending fighter get to dogfight the attacking air units, and if there is a dogfight does it last longer than one round, and if the attacking forces win the dog fight do the remaining attacking fighters and bomber get to do a bombing fun against the ground units? also does a defending fighter get to defend against attacking ground units?

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    I don’t mean to be snarky but did you read the rulebook?  :?

    All combat is handled at once. A mixed force of air units and ground units attacking a mixed force of air units and ground units does not have a seperate step for ‘dogfighting.’ The attacking units roll their dice and the defending units roll their dice, remove casualties.

    Ground units may hit air units and air units may hit ground units.

    Try not to read things into the rules that aren’t there.  🙂

  • Thanks for responding  🙂

    Most of the confusion i had was because i played the european theater board about 3 years ago and i thought that was what happend, but what just ended up doing was downloading the tripleA game and played it a couple times and I found out how everything works  😄

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