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Haven't played Axis and Allies in forever!

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    OK, I sat down to my first game of Axis and Allies in well over 4 years yesterday. We didn’t make it through 2 turns. My bro had forgotten half the sub rules too. Which makes me wonder, how long has it been since you’ve honestly played?


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    You should have three months ago and six months ago options. I was last able to play GCNL face to face in January. Stupid two jobs (even if I can sneak in posts at work.)

  • It’s been a while.  Probably been between 2 and 5 years.  I almost had a Pacific game going here, but my laptop died before we started. 😞  Still don’t have a computer…

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    I changed it up frimmel… I feel like a terrible person having not played in forever. I forgot some of the sub rules…  :roll:


  • 2007 AAR League

    about 2 years.  whats wrong with me.  growing up blows, everyone told me, but you’d never think it would happen.

  • I just started a game of Pacific with my girlfriend this last week.  😄

    And I don’t see why play by forum or PBEM dose not count. I am honestly luck in that my girlfriend plays Axis and Allies games and that I can leave whatever board we are playing set up on my coffee table so that we do not have to attempt to play an entire game at once. I actually prefer playing using battlemap as it is much less of hassle than using the physical boards, pieces, National Production chart and all that.

  • About five years here, with everyone’s replies I now do not feel left out.

  • I was going to start a thread asking if the economy has had any kind of impact on people getting together to play boardgames, like A&A.  Lately, instead of going out to the bars and other activities that cost too much money, my friends and I have been blowing the dust off of the boardgames and playing.

  • 2007 AAR League

    The last time I played Axis and Allies face to face, it was a game of Classic, and it was in high school 21 years ago.

    After high school, my opponents and I went our separate ways and none of my current circle of friends play so you can imagine how immensely grateful I am for the existance of this site and, to a lesser extent, DAAK.

  • I haven’t been able to play in about six months. As dumb as it sounds I’m feeling withdrawal.

  • We played a 5 player AA50 game 42 set-up two weeks ago and we actually managed to finish it in about 9 hours with the Allies winning. I was playing Russia and basically bought only all men until the last few turns when I switched to all tanks instead. It is kinda of boring game as Russia, as you just simply have to hold on until UK and US (somewhat) come to your rescue. You must take back what you lose to Germany every turn so as to keep the “buffer zone” away from Moscow. It was actually really cool having that many players, as we have only been able to do that on occasions, as everybody is never available on the same day. 8-)

  • 2019 Moderator

    I played Pacific and D-Day each twice in the last month, those along with original A&A are the only A&A games the rec center in Camp Bucca, Iraq.

    Sad that I’m in a combat zone and played more Face to Face than most of you…

  • I played Pacific last week and revised this week, memorial day I played the board I made, Europe, and Pacific

  • Well I have a chance to play soon.  A guy from way back in high school asked if I wanted to play the anniversary edition…

  • My son calls the game Alex & Alice. Is that not funny?

  • I played a game of AAR sat (allies won) and just finished another AAR game today (axis won this time)

  • I play several times a week during the summer.

    I have a dedicated family who loves to play the game.

  • @swordsman3003:

    I play several times a week during the summer.

    I have a dedicated family who loves to play the game.

    Lucky you. I have result to bribing the homeless in an attempt to get A&A players.

  • @ABWorsham:


    I play several times a week during the summer.

    I have a dedicated family who loves to play the game.

    Lucky you. I have result to bribing the homeless in an attempt to get A&A players.

    It is really hard to convince somebody to play if they have never played before. The game looks very complicated (even though it is not) and this dissuades a lot of people.

    The only real way to farm opponents to play against is to let somebody ask you to play the game.

  • On the other hand, this is going to be absolutely my first game of Axis and Allies ever so I might not have a clue what is going on.  Perhaps a more experienced player should do an AAR.  If no one is interested then I’ll be happy to give it my best shot.

  • My buddy got AAR for Christmas '08 (he is 50 this year).  We played it and I was instantly hooked.  I bought it too (I am almost 40).  My buddy at work now plays too with the two of us (we were all poker buddies), he just turned 30.  Not that ages matter but I wanted to point out that people of all ages love this game.  It just seems once you sit and play you are hooked.  Not too difficult but just enough strat and thinking required it is worth sitting and playing for a few hours, or days like some games take.  We can get together often to play, which we do.  We also have another 2-3 buddies that like to sit and play when they get the chance, which unfortunatley, is not as often.  We both also have AA50 now and my work buddy has AAE.  Since last Christmas we have played a version of these game at least once a week, sometimes more.  I may have a game on the go at my place with one buddy and a game on the go with my other buddy at his place.  Sometimes I get so confused which game I am playing I accuse one of cheating, LOL!!  Hey, you didn’t have that the last time……oh wait, that is the other game, LOL.  Can’t wait til the new AAE1940 and AAP1940 come out.

    Oh, and on another note, I cannot for the life of me get my wife to sit and play.  She is such an analytical person that I think she would love it, but she disagrees  :roll:

    Captain Crunch

  • @gamerman01:

    <sigh>Wives - so tempting because they’re always there and you know their schedule.  So close but so far away.</sigh>

    I have tried to get my wife interested, but no way. It is strange because she actually enjoys Risk and she even plays Ultimatum (for those who know which game that is) which has boats, men, cards, and laser space stations. She always makes Ultimatum a real tough game as she knows all my tricks and strategies and likes to stop me from winning, as I win the most.  :lol:
    She would be a good Axis and Allies player if she would only try it. Same goes for my buddies wife, he and I love AA and the wifes sit there and watch for a bit but never want to play. His wife loves board games, she is fanatic, especially Settlers of Catan, but AA scares her, just like my wife, they think it is to complex, when really it isn’t.
    AA is the coolest game ever made. 8-)

  • I thought of attempting to train a Chimp to play A&A but after watching Monster Quest, forget that!!!

  • @ABWorsham:

    I thought of attempting to train a Chimp to play A&A but after watching Monster Quest, forget that!!!


  • @ABWorsham:

    I thought of attempting to train a Chimp to play A&A but after watching Monster Quest, forget that!!!

    I hear kids work pretty well, although it may be a long term investment.

    I’ve already got mine saying “Let’s play the tank game!!!”  So we open the box, unfold the map, and take turns “blowing up” each other’s pieces.  😄

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