TripleA - Play by Forum - AYCU no longer taking uploads?

  • Does someone on the triplea team need to be informed that “All You Can Upload” apparently does not mean “all you want to upload”.  They are no longer taking uploads and have completed the bait and switch routine by referring you to their Webshots site (which I believe requires a login).

    Since the auto-posting to the forum doesn’t work, and now autoposting the screenshot doesn’t work, there’s not much left to the PbF functions.  I understand PBF support is standard in 9.3/9.4 but that’s not considered “stable” (therefore few are using it) and now with the AYCU changes, I can only assume we are even farther away from it becoming so.

    Any update on this would be appreciated.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Sounds like the version you are using is still the “hacked” version that was never part of the sourceforge project.  Therefore, nothing is supported in your version, and nothing will ever be fixed in your version.  The unstable version at are at least supported by the tripleA development team, so there may still be bugs with them, but at least any bugs will be fixed in future releases.

    I’d recommend running (not walking) to and downloading the lastest unstable release (since no stable releases yet have support for PBEM).

    Convince your opponent to use the same version - it shouldn’t be hard if they were using the same version you had (that you say doesn’t work any more).

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