Great new movie!

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    From Demand Debate:

    “The Great Global Warming Swindle”

    Finally a movie about global warming that uses facts and doesn’t talk about a certain individual’s personal life with opinions sprinkled in.

    Made in part with the assistance of the co-founder of Green Peace and numerous highly respected scientists including many who were part of the IPCC.

  • Tire fires for everyone. :lol:

    Thanks for the info. I just put it on my to rent list. Now, I won’t give two sh!ts for air pollution. In fact, since our planet is no longer in danger… excuse me, never was… I won’t bother voting for any clean air proposition. Wasted money if we are already safe. Damn hippies. Besides, if we are wrong about global warming, I won’t live to see it. AKA… not my problem.
    I am relieved.

    It reminds me of Troy McClur… you may remember him from that documentary “Man Versus Nature, The Road To Victory!”

  • I know how I (and others) have been derided - as a cult (?), or as a bamboozler - because we think global warming is real, related to our actions in one way or another, and will pose a problem.

    Then I see my accusers blindly follow a made-up faith, or support a corrupt administration that cried wolf about a harmless nation, and stalwartly defend their decision to entrench us in a conflict with no end, and no plan to finish it.

    So I’d like to point out this.

    So who is trying to mistake whom?

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    harmless nation

    iraq was a harmless nation huh?  you must freaking despise clinton for bombing iraq around 10,000 times, b/c it was soo harmless.  saddam hussein never attacked anyone ever.

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