• I need some help, this seems simple but I don’t know where to get the program that views/opens .aam files to see how all those games are going  :evil: Much appreciated…

  • You need ABattleMap, which you can download from:


    By the way on that website you may found also: MapView and the patched version for playing by forum on AxisandAllies.org.

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    And you have to open aBattlemap then go to File ==> open and find the file you want to open.  You cannot just double click on it to open the file.

  • It is possible also to associate the file with the ABattleMap program: right click on the aam file, open with and then select ABattleMap program from the list of availble ones. If ABattleMap do not show there then browse to the location ABattleMap is installed. Finally click on the checkl button on the bottom of the OpenWith window to state that AAM file have to be always open with ABattleMap.
    For all my knowledge, it should not be conflict with other application using the same extension.

  • This is going to sound stupid, but how do you scroll on Abattlemap? I can’t seem to see 1/3 of the map around Japan and the Pacific…I’ve tried clicking on the edges and pressing the arrow keys 😕

    Nevermind, I had a spurt of “genius” and dragged using the right click button  😉

  • It is the best method, I call it “click and look what happens”!

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