• I think I will stay with the orginal plan.  Thnx for the info.

  • Jennifer, assuming you go KJF and build a SA complex, how would you deal with a German player adding transports in the Baltic (or in the Med and then stationing in SZ 12) and threatening an invasion of the UK and/or US? How much does this slow down the UK Atlantic navy? I’ve never tried this strategy, but that would be my biggest concern. The US wouldn’t be landing units in Africa if you shoved all American units into the Pacific right off the bat, and a Japanese player that bought all transports on R1 could slow down your Solomon unification if you didn’t bring the Atlantic units too.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Because my KJF is almost only USA vs Japan I still have quite a lot of firepower with England to stop the Germans from getting either fleet out.

    Remember, without Africa, Germany is NOT going to have an advantage in offense against a combined Russia and England.  Furthermore, if they are building transports, they may actually lose the defensive advantage resulting in loss of land and thus loss of income.

    It is, although, a large trade off.  However, here’s how I see it going down:

    UK 1: Algeria and Egypt taken.
    UK 1: 5 Infantry built in England, 1 Industrial Complex in S. Africa

    UK 2: Build in S. Africa (infantry) and build more fleet/ground units in England (Fleet from SZ 12 moves back to SZ 2 with the rest of the fleet.)

    Note: Now’s a good time to get some aircraft as well.  Since you cannot transport 8 ground units anyway, no use in building 8.  Use the extra cash to outfit yourself with another bomber and or a couple more fighters as well.  It’ll be a good 4 or 5 rounds before the other two transports make it to you anyway (giving you 5 total) and that’s assuming they are not chased down and killed by Japan.

    Meanwhile, America focuses on a POSSIBLE IC in Brazil, if Germany builds more transports for SZ 14, or just the Pacific where you will quickly, and efficiently, over whelm the Japanese.

    Note, none of that is a solomon unification.  Even more so, all transports with Japan really doesn’t phase me either.  USA 1 is 2 carriers and a fighter (total naval forces: 4 fighters, bomber, 2 carriers, destroyer, battleship, transport) from then on it’s a mix of transports and submarines with a possible 2nd and 3rd battleship added to the mix.

    Japan, on the other hand, has to build ground units to push into Asia.  This will reduce their money available for naval purchases.  Also, the defender advantage is not as pronounced in naval conflicts because the attacker can mass much more firepower then the defender. (Unlike in ground combat when the defender can have a lot of cheap infantry, every loss at sea is very expensive and the attacker can chose when to leave.  Many a battle has been won not by sinking the enemy, but inflicting enough damage that they can never recover in time.  Battleships help with this significantly, as do Submarines.)

  • I would recommend consolidating ALL UK Pacific/Indian naval units in SZ30 and I would also leave the 2 infantry behind in Australia. In my opinion doing otherwise invites a Japanese sinking of SZ30. The loaded transport would be worth a strafe at the minimum. Also by leaving the 2 infantry in Australia it forces Japan to bring more units to an area they can do very little from.

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    I’m thinking it’s just good policy to unify in SZ 30 and bring ONE infantry from India (none from Australia.)

    If the position is warranted, you can pick up the 3 infantry on Australia and hit E. Indies with 4 infantry and a fighter.  And if Japan gets twitchy, you can still entice them into make a bad trade in SZ 30.

  • So, are you all saying that you are master baitors? Sorry, that pun has been hanging out there too long, someone had to do it.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Does it count to masterbate someone else?

  • Someone has to fight cancer!

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I have a question, is it masturbation that reduces cancer, or is it just ejaculation?  Because if it’s just ejaculation, then we should legalize prostitution so that women can sell medical services to men at risk of getting cancer!

  • I think the article said that the increased risk of STDs countered the cancer fighting benefits.

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