• 2007 AAR League

    Does anybody here have a clue as to what would be a competitive low luck half-placement bid? I got challenged at DAAK for just such a game and I am completely lost. I know half-placement requires a higher bid than full placement but how does low luck factor into it. I feel like a rookie here. I don’t want to bid too high and give an experienced low luck player an early Christmas gift win.

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    I think I would bid at least 12 (2 inf Lib, 6 IPC to spend).

    I’ve been challanged to similar games (only ADS) and would win the bid with 8,9, and 10.  I lost those games.

    It depends on how comfortable you are with the Allies.

    The extra cash isn’t much of a factor, but I think you still need the 2 inf to Lib to make sure you take with sufficient for to rule out a counter on UK 1.

    If you are Germany, try to kill Egy in 1 rd of battle.  I’d probably go: 4 inf, 2 arm, 1 ftr,1 bom - that was with 2 bid to Lib.

    Anything less and I think UK can counter fairly easily.

    In LL, assuming the game goes longer than 4-5 rds, you are going to need the Afr income and try to reach IPC parity (or close to it).

    So, 12 would probably be my starting point now a days.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Thanks DM. It was the low luck aspect that really threw me the curveball. Taking a cursory look, it seemed that LL makes a lot of the first round battles, on both side, that are deemed “must do’s” by most players a little more palatable so, all things being equal, it was hard to judge which side would come out ahead at the end of the 1st turn.

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