• 2007 AAR League

    The thought is this:

    You get a bid of 11 or 12 ipc.
    Would it be viable strat to use 8 of these ipcs for a Trn to Baltic? (the rest would go to either a unit in UKR or a unit in LIB)?
    …or would such a bid far worse than the “best” bid usage you could imagine?

    Pros with Bal bid:
    You force the russian to move his 2 ftrs to gbr on Turn1
    UK can’t land in ALG or NWY in Turn 1

    With russian ftrs in Gbr in Turn 1, you won’t be able to take GBR. And from Turn 2 forward that extra TRN in Baltic, just might not accomplish very much.

  • With 2 trn, Germany will take London with a probability of 32%… Russian planes do not have to go at London.

  • Well first off most people will not play a game where capitals can be attacked in round one, but even so, I believe the 11 or 12 IPC can be better spent elswhere. The eastern front/africa certainly could use the boost of manpower.
      I lost UK in round 2 or 3 once, and still came back to win the game, so it is not a game winnning move IMO. In fact, the german losses were so horrendous that he lost more points than he gained! 😛

  • An extra inf/art in north africa could be sufficient to deter a UK counterattack.

    Why not give the transport to Japan? This will accelerate japanese expansion.

  • True that extra tran won’t hold africa forver, but taking egypt that heavy G1 is enough to deter the UK1 counter giving you a few more turns of receiving the full benefits of africa. Plus you can always change their heading and start pumping units in into cau with your BB bombard.

  • it is only viable if you buy some baltic navy to support it. then you an united the fleet in the med and dominate Africa and southern Russia. or sneak into the UK if their gaurd is down. You basically have to plan for fleet unifaction to make it worthwhile.

  • If I get an Axis bid that high, I’ll put an extra sub in SZ8, or I’ll give the Japanese a transport to go with the East Indies AC & BB.

    A Baltic transport is almost never worthwhile past round 3-4 unless Germany intends to put all efforts against UK…something that I find fails far more often than it succeeds.

  • 2007 AAR League

    With an 11 or 12 bid, I think it has merit. Less than 11 is questionable.

    It can be helpful in a take and hold of Karelia on G1 because there is bid money left over to add at least 1 unit to Libya. You can hit Egypt with 1 fig, 1 bmb+Lib units, sz13/Gib with BB, TP, 2 fig, 1 SS, and still be left with 2 fig to counterattack Ukraine if Russia goes there. You can reasonably get between 12-14 units into Karelia on G1, maybe more. And since the 2nd TP makes a UK1 air only attack on sz5 a risky move, you can be pretty sure that they will be around long enough to keep supplying Karelia with units until Germany built infantry can walk there.

  • personally if i got a 11 ipc bid it would be 1 fig to Germany then 1 ipc to Japan. then i’d build 4 figs as Germany first round. it seems interesting to do.

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