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    I read get fuzzy every day, yesterdays was so damn funny I can’t stop laughing.  Of course it could just be my sence of humor though…

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  • i don’t get it  :? :?

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    Maybe you have to read the comics more often.  The cat is Bucky’s english cousin he’s talking about football.  Sachel, the dog, is always trying to be eveyones best friend.  So he’s trying to be suportive but realy has no clue as usual.

    Like I said it’s probably just my sence of humor.

    This reminds be of when I was in Belfast last year.  I’m sitting in a pub shooting the bull with some locals (much more interesting that going on tours)  On of the guys says “So you a football fan?”  I say “Well, European football isn’t that popular where I’m from.”  He says with a stern look,“You do like sports though, right?”  I am quick to come back with “Oh of course, I’m just more into American football and baseball.”  He looks at me with some relief and says “Well thats something anyway.”

    That’s probably not as funny as I think it is either…

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