Did Skynet and the Terminator start off as something this cute and cool?

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    Quadrocopter Ball Juggling, ETH Zurich


    As impressive as that was, the video on this page is more cool!


  • Makes me miss the Sarah Connor Chronicles and how Shirley Manson wanted to just screw the shit out of that little thing!

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    It was the machines who started the War, they saw in each human a Threat!!!…

    He ´ll be BACK!! 😄

  • @aequitas:

    It was the machines who started the War, they saw in each human a Threat!!!…

    He ´ll be BACK!! 😄

    you mean this guy?


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    We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction. - by Aesop.

    BigDog four-legged robot now sports throwing arm

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    We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction. - by Aesop.

    BigDog four-legged robot now sports throwing arm

    I’m already thinking about all the “unsafe” work I can get this thing to do on the jobsite! Mwahaha!  And just wait till I by-pass the safety features! LOL…

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    Probably not cute and cuddles like the last clip/article.

    Probably more along the lines of……

    Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of age

  • I remember how menacing the humanoid robots were in the the initial movie.

    I was a bit older and wiser by the 2nd movie.

    Main thoughts.

    1.  The movie and ticket buying audience is 100 % human, thus they would relate to human likenesses on both the good and bad sides of the movie.

    2.  The Hunter killers zoom around a battlefield quickly attacking the resistance fighters.  The machines like efficiency, and should have produced many more of them.  Not only that, the film shows how difficult it was for the humans to counter against them.

    3.  The humans rely on food, which the machines do not need.  The Machine web logs should have had examples of how the US railroads and cavalry slaughtered the buffalo herds in order to impoverish and eventually subdue the plains indians.

    4.  Humans can be poisoned by gasses in ways that would not effect the machines.

    5  The machines should have poisoned all of the available surface waters.

    By the 2nd movie, when you had that morphing metallic alloy machine, it should have been way over for the human resistance of the future.
    6.  Why bother keep humanoid forms and sizes for those types of machines?

    Those types of machines could have kept forms that humans do not watch out for , such as liquid carpet, rolling rocks, raccoons, cats, mice, whatever the minimum size is to carry a high detonation level bomb to the remaining human group shelters.

    If the machines can make one, they will soon be able to make many more.
    Total machine victory could be achieved within 3 years of that development.
    Time machining another assassin robot (with the special morphing capability) was not neccesary.

    Human sized robots with big weapons, is a stupid way of letting the human resistance groups defeat a few, and then start arming themselves with the range weapons that you made.  The machines should have realized that calculation early on.

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    Linkon, Very good points.

    The human populace being overwhelmed would not make for a good movie normally but that is exactly what would happen.  I read the Battlefield Earth book by L. Ron Hubbard before I even knew he invented scientology .  It was a 1000 page book with the premise being that aliens came to earth about now (1980ish actually) in our technological development.  They came in large ships with no warning, gassed the earth with something that only killed humans, our population went from 5 billion to perhaps 50, 000 spread over various remote areas of the planet in a day, game over.  Fast forward 1000 years and the story starts with aliens firmly in control and the few humans remaining doing their best to avoid all contact with the flying beasts having lost writing and all memory of civilization.  They were basically a few tribes of stone age folk.

    The robots will evolve to be a swarm of small units by our hands or their hands.  I am not a fan of sentient robots being possible until some breakthrough occurs that is more than just more megahertz or more storage.  I’ve spent a fair bit of time in university on the topic of sentient software, it’s been 5-6 years away for 30 years now.  It is however a fascinating topic for a geek like me.

    No need to create millions of robots, one specific virus tailored to humans would be a much more efficient way to go or gas like you suggested.  Self replication is the holy grail and could spawn a million interesting story lines.  I’ve come across some stories along this line I will dig up…


    Doing so in space is the way to go and it could occur in a generation.  The power of doubling is mind-boggling.  If we can build a machine that could duplicate it self once every 2 years it would not be terribly impressive to most people…2 years!  But in 40 years there would be a million of them in orbit.  In 60 years a trillion and in 100 years perhaps not enough raw materials in the solar system to create a million trillion of them…If I am wrong by a few years lets move out to 200 years where its a million trillion million trillion…30 zeros is a big big number!

  • Human resistance have a low probability chance as a 3rd party to regain some freedoms after the machines dramatically multiply.

    Because, with the large numbers and multiple production machine cities, eventually a revolt will occur where many lower efficiency machine cities will revolt against few the newer models.  Human scavenging crews may be able to pick up the high tech fallout from some evenly pitched battles.

    The likeliest winner of the Machine vs Machine war will use clouds of micro swarm machines (insect size) that inject viral submission / loyalty update programs into the opposition war machines and factories.

    So the Terminator future should be more of a  Neo/Matrix  / Wachowski Bros  view than the James Cameron vision.

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    well there are two things you guys are overlooking from the movie IMO…

    1. the machines used the machines and schematics they had AVAILABLE.  And that said, they used them in a mad scramble to protect themselves/skynet.  You know how often your machines turn off/become unreliable/break down.  Skynet used EVERYTHING at it’s disposal instantly, because that’s the most efficient.

    2. I took it (especially from the last terminator movie) that like the matrix, humans were needed for certain things.

    3. I also took it, that the rest of the planet, didn’t have their own sky/net machines/drones. and that the bulk of the problem was an American one.

    4. Nuclear Devestation also would have damaged machines… EMP would have messed them up.

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