Fighters and Aircraft Carriers: legal move?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well I guess Fighters are just different then - I was going to say that Infantry can even retreat after having moved their full move, but I see the reasons below.

    Seems like a silly rule though. Because when your AC is attacked and the attacker withdraws, your fighters are given a free movement point to try to land somewhere else when it is not even your turn. Call it the old “flying on fumes just over the wavetops” - in desperate situations you manage to push your ftrs one zone back to where they came from.

    Also, note that tanks can sometimes get a total move of three by attacking and then retreating to a territory on the opposite side of the territory they attacked (provided that attacking units also came from that territory). If anything, that seems more problematic than fighters returning to a seazone they came from on the deck of an AC that can carry them whether they have fuel or not.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Sorry, I don’t quite get how that makes it different. All units can use their full movement to get to a battle, and then retreat.

    Maybe it’s just not clicking for me.

  • It goes along with teh special mid-battle retreat that FIGs can do, and also the fact that they can NOT remain in a combat zone after a batle (except by landign on an AC after a naval battle).

    You HAVE to be able to MOVE in NCM to land in every type of battle EXCEPT a Naval Battle, and then you can ONLY stay there if you WIN.

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