• I am Russia. The CP has Moscow contested, and also meets the criteria for the Russian Rev. On Russia’s turn I can’t attack any of the territories that the CP holds because all my units are in Moscow, and it is contested. So on my Russian turn I attacked the German units contesting Moscow and lost all my units.

    Being only German units are left on Moscow, does Germany capture Moscow? If that’s the case then I need to refund the units I bought and give the IPC’s to Germany? Also being that Germany took my capital there can’t be a revolution, because for a revolution to happen Moscow has to either be owned by Russia, or contested.

  • Yes to all. See pages 13 and 19 of the rulebook.

  • @Krieghund Just one more clarification.

    Is the Russian Rev off the board the reminder of the game because Moscow was captured? I’m assuming that’s a yes.

    In this game there is a good possibility that the allies liberate Moscow. Being the CP couldn’t force an armistice the first time, they may argue it is still possible.

  • '12

    @WILD-BILL They will likely confirm it again but yes, RR is still possible if Moscow is liberated. The only thing that removes RR permanently is if the CPs decline accepting it the first turn the conditions are met.

  • @WILD-BILL Eqqman is correct.

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