Questionable situation

  • 2007 AAR League

    lets say you attack a fleet with your two FTRs and an AC.

    those FTRs have only one place to land, that AC.

    lets say you attack 8 transports, and you score one hit and the transports score one hit

    are you able to put the hit on the AC? thus suiciding the FTRS who, if you win the battle, will crash as they have no where to land.  Or do you have to save the AC for last, as you are not allowed to send FTRS into combat who are unable to land?


  • 2007 AAR League

    i think in that situation you can suicide the figs, but im not sure

  • You can choose your order of loss as you see fit.

    Theres nothing wrong with suiciding your fighters, its not your faut the carrier didn’t make it  :evil:

  • This has come up before.

    The rules require that, when they ENTER battle, the FIGs have a place to land, even if it is totally unlikely that the landing carrier may be around to actually land the FIGs on.

    During the battle, that landing area (the AC) may be lost, but the FIGs can still fight.

    If you read through the rules, you will even see an example of FIGs that die at the end of a battle when there AC is sunk.

  • I concur with Switch.

    In that case, I would choose to lose the carrier to deep six more transports. It is an economic victory.

  • One final note on this…

    At the start of the battle, a landing area must be available for EACH fighter.  So if you are depending on Carriers to land your FIGs, you have to have 1 AC that can be used as an LZ for every 2 FIGs at teh start of battle.

    For example:
    The US is attacking SZ60.  They have an AC moving in from Pearl for the battle, and they have 3 FIGs in Western US (range 4 to SZ60).  ONLY 2 of those FIGs can fly to that battle, because only 2 FIGs can land on the AC.  Even if you are CERTAIN to lose at least 1 FIG in battle does not matter.  The rule is that each FIG must have the possibility of landing at the end of combat.  And in this example ONE of those FIGs cannot land, thus is considered to be a 'kaze, and unless you are Japan with the kamikaze NA, you are not permitted to do that.  So only 2 FIGs could be used.

  • @ncscswitch:

    Even if you are CERTAIN to lose at least 1 FIG in battle does not matter.

    When are you CERTAIN?
    in a game with real dice, there is a REALLY, REALLY big chance you’ll lose it, but you are never CERTAIN 😛  :evil:

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