• Ok so I just had an idea about advanced infantry, so it’s probably needs some work. Anyways, one problem with the game is that soldiers from different countries are the exact same quality which is not true. British soldiers at the start of the war were elite professional soldiers compared to the Austrians that couldn’t even win a battle against a comparative weak foe in Serbia. So here’s my idea:

    1. You have a chart that has 1-10 or 15 and each country gets ranked according to their soldier quality at the start of the war. Then whenever you’re in a battle you take that number, multiply it by two, and that many infantry attack or defend at +1.
    2. This rule would not apply to troops in Africa and the middle east (Maybe just non-ottoman troops in the middle east).
    3. You would move up on the chart when your infantry kill a certain number of units in a battle
    4. You would move down the chart when a certain number of your infantry are killed in a battle
      So there you go. Sorry this is really rushed, but tell me what you think and give any suggestions.

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