Custom tech ideas for a speedy A&A game.

  • I’m new here so I hope this is a good place to post this.

    I thought up some custom techs for A&A, and I was wondering what other people might think of them.

    1  Draft:  With this ability the player rolls a die for extra infantry at end of each turn.  I thought this would be cool for speeding up the game.

    2  Atomic bomb:  With this ability the player can purchase a AB for 70 ipcs, Limit 1 per turn, Use any strategy bomber to bomb a territory/sea zone. Effect half of enemy units are taken from the victim territory.

    3  Choppers:  Replace all your tactical bombers are now choppers, The only difference is they can now they act as flying transports. I know that idea sounds goofy lol.

  • Welcome to the forums!

    Although your ideas are good they need some more work take these suggestions into account:
    Good choppers were not developed until after world war 2, the atom bomb should be more powerful and harder to get, and the draft needs to be revised to make it less powerful.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    $150 BOMB

    Eveything in the territory DIES, and you can’t build any new infrastructure there, and the territory is now worth nothing.

    You do not pass go do not collect $200, and you must always bomb french madagascar first.

    and a 50% chance the bomb never goes off.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I think the idea was to make the game FAST, not realistic.  If that is the goal, those rules would be quite effecitve in doing so if you say, have them automatically implemented for every surviving country on round 5 without the need to purchase technologies.

  • used your draft idea for many years. used 2 die thou. good idea but not for everybody. can throw the game one way or the other depending on luck of the die.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    In classic we had an atom bomb rule because we discarded the Magic 84 rule and played for global conquest.  Well, obviously, it was darn near impossible to get England and Japan because of the stacks of defenders and need for attacking transports.  So we had an atom bomb, you rolled 3 die and removed that many casualties. (defender selected casualties, of course.  Averaged 10 to 11 units or 30 to 33 IPC.  Atom bombs could only be activated after a capital on the other side was taken. They cost 40 IPC (which was a lot of money in classic!) and you could only have one a round. (2 if you were the axis and had two capitols.)

  • Interesting. I am curious, how much these house rules speed up the game?

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Probably quite a bit, since heavy stacks of infantry can be nuked out of existance instead of slowely killed through attrition.

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