• Thread is for the posting of any and all known online dicey’s for Revised A&A.


    German and English versions.  Uses rjware.net as actual dice roller.  Requires both players to have membership (free, just have to sign up)

    Wargamers Club:

    Uses the same rjware.net dice roller


    Does NOT have an e-mail notification that sends to both players.  Site is set up as a simulator for A&AR.

    If anyone knows of others, please post them so that our gamers here will have multiple choices in the event that any of the sites go down.

  • Flames of Europe

    German site, in English. The dicey can be used for all Axis and allies variants including Pacific and Europe. The dicey doesn’t send out mails instead the site has a game-log systems were you keep track of your game on the site, you can upload maps and the site can view battlemapfiles to make access easier.
    Both players needs membership, membership is free you just need to sign up.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Can we get a sticky on this?

  • Yanny hooked us up.  This is the FIRST topic with a “sticky” in Revised, so it will stay up top for all Revised players to find quickly.

    I have also requested that the links here be included in the site Links area… for those who never make it to the discussion threads :-)

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I’ll get those links up soon.

  • Founder TripleA Admin


  • Thank you kind sir!

  • AA Calc: A&A Simulator

    This site can work both as a calculator for Luck Luck, No Luck and ADS. The sites primary function is to be used as a calculator for A&AR, but it can still function as a dicey, though there is no way of tracking your rolls so only use it as dicey with people you trust won’t cheat on you.
    But still its a great calculator for AAR, im using it in all my games and can only recommend others to do so as well!


  • Thanks for mentioning the various options for the dice, did not include that originally for that one.

    Only caution with Frood…

    Unlike the most common Classic Dicey that runs 100,000 battles, Frood only runs 1,000.

    And as I found out in my last “game”, some highly variable battles (especially high AF offensive power battles against an AA gun) can vary by 40% over several cycles of Frood.

    If in doubt, run it several times before you commit forces…

  • 2007 AAR League

    I was running some simulations on Frood’s AACalc & noticed something odd.  When attacking a BB with 3 fighters the simulation always goes at least 2 rounds regardless of how many fighters hit in round 1.  Is this just a quirk of the program or is there some obscure rule regarding BB?

  • It may just be a quirk in the software.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I have a question regarding DAAK, how do you go from the dice rolling screen back to the select country/make purchase screen without having to go through the whole login process?  This is a pain when you are doing the US/Russia turns.

  • Only way I do it is to log back in…

  • Ive written an email to the programmer of the Frood Calculator on the problem with the battleships, I hope he’ll fix the problem soon.

    Another thing that could be great is a list of revised calculators, I really have a problem finding good software to do a calc on the big battles. So if anyone could post a few links I’d be very gratefull!


  • What do people normally use for a dice server when they play online games against someone? What one works the best, or is the most efficient? I’ve never played online so I just want to know which one will be or should be the one I use.  And what does ADS stand for again? how does it work versus low luck or no luck.  I usually prefer the real dice so… yeah.

  • ADS is “Actual Dice Server” it is totally random, just like roling actual dice (hence the name).

    As for which Dicey…

    I have never used Flames, so cannot speak to theirs.

    AAMC and DAAK use the same site and program for actual combat, so they both are “down” with about the same frequency due to problems at RJWare.net. DAAK has its own pre-comabt frame though (purchase and moves).

  • For anyone who may not have noticed, FROOD has revised their simulator to correct some of the errors (such as the BB issue).

    The current version appears to have all the bugs worked out, including targetting FIGs and BOMs seperately with AA, several SUB options, a “take with land” option… and the ability to run up to 10,000 sims instead of just 1,000

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hey all - just noticed this thread while checking the pages that had linked to my AACalc page.

    I’m glad I did because the e-mail option had never occurred to me before, but it should be pretty easy to add. The weekend is pretty busy, but by end of next week I would expect to have that operational.

    The other thing needing work is that the newly correct rules for AA fire mean that the number of possible outcomes is greatly increased, with the result that the statistical breakdown becomes harder to read - a bunch of outcomes each occurring a very small percentage of the time.

    What kind of output detail is best - simply
    "6 units remain 23% of the time
    5 units remain 14%
    4 units remain 9%


    Or should I make some attempt to add more data to that:
    eg. " 6 units remain (avg loss of 14.3 IPCs of units) - 23 % of the time"

    or doing averaged values for IPC, count and punch as well? More data=more clutter, but also more useful? Perhaps a hover popup that shows further breakdown?

    Also, do people care more about what they have surviving, or how much they have lost?

    Dan (frood.net)

  • Dan…

    LOVE your sim!  Love the output as it is.  You have made a lot of folks here VERY happy!

    If you do add an e-mail function, that would be fantastic, especially with as often as the other dicey’s are down for various reasons.

    THANK YOU, on behalf of myself, and scores of other folks here at Axisandallies.org who have had the pleasure of using your site!

  • I’ve been using Proton’s BattleSim

    http://www.daak.de/hilfe/download/Proton BattleSim.zip

    It’s got a nice interface, lets you alter how many calculations to run, and allows you to alter the OOL. Only thing is I don’t know how accurate it is.

    I’ve noticed a couple of glitches with it though. If you do an amphibious assault with a BB shot, when you add the BB to the attacking forces, it adds 24 IPCs to your “IPC Spent”. Also, if the amphibious assault fails, then it includes the BB in your “Most Likely Loss of IPCs”. But you just have to remember to subtract 24 from that.

    The other thing I noticed is that if you have 1 inf + 1 art attacking 1 inf, the attacker’s “Most Likely Loss of IPCs” is 0. However, if you have 2 inf + 1 art attacking 1 inf, the attacker’s MLLoI is 3. I’m not sure if this is a programming thing, or a statistical anomaly, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

    Anyway, if anyone else uses it, I would be interested in their feedback.

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