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    Hello all Global War 1936-1945 game players. I’m working on a few modafications to speedup the gameplay and get our games done faster. Without killing all the fun!
    I’ll start with a few basics we use and hope to get some input on options that you have tried. Either what works or what slows it down are fine. Who knows what we can come up with. These can be house rules or anything else that you have tried or thought about. Play test not required!

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    Ok I’ll fire off a few things from the basic game that we have decided not to use that really speed up the game.

    1. Don’t play with mountains and rivers. These are optional true but it’s an easy way to use the additional units, game mechanics and this sweet map.  Leads to a more classic AnA type of play on a new map, shortens the reference for modifiers which speeds up game play. Just swap related units for regular at setup.
    2. Don’t use obsolete units period. TBD and coastal subs can’t be built, so why force players to lookup and understand their stats. They are always used first as cannon fodder to remove them from the board anyway! Just swap them out for regular Destroyers and Subs at setup. We have done this a lot and have found ZERO change to balance.
    3. Simultaneously play turns. In early turns especially possible if playing the 36 version. If any nation starts its turn they may announce a no combat turn allowing the next player to do their no combat turn also. Players may decline simultaneous play if they are waiting to see full deployment prior to no combat decision (axis typically). Allowing sometimes 4 players to place and move simultaneously provided no combat is occurring. Except for Spanish civil war etc.
      Can rapidly play 3 or 4 initial turns in about an hour this way. Does require understanding of the rules by all and slowdown for new players to learn the mechanics.
      This can also apply to players in different theaters going at the same time. Especially if they can’t reach Each other on the map.

  • Besides simultaneously movement, which is the big one, we also ‘relax’ the combat-move vs noncombat-move/unit placements. We typically move everything in one swoop. So when the Japanese player is done, UK is already complete save a few battles.

    For optimising simultaneous movement, we do this:

    • German player do the Eastern front first. This enables the Russian player to move.
    • The Russian player moves his Asian units first. This enables the Japanese player to start moving…
    • Etc.

    Regarding looking things up, I highly recommend creating one-page/double sided “alliance charts”, which have everything in one place. As you start using expansions, it’s a nightmare to organise stats, capabilities, special-abilities etc.

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