• My son and I have been talking about the WW2 1936 map game and we both thought a WW1 version would be really nice. I historical board gaming has a game but looks like it isn’t getting as much play as the 1936 game.

  • The game hasn’t been released yet. I think HBG might release it sometime around Christmas 2018 but don’t quote me on that. They’re also working on a Global 1861, a Global 1919-1935, and a Global 1936-1945 Second Edition. Should all be good!

  • That would be why I don’t see much info on it. Thanks

    My son and I saw a Youtube video on playing 1914 on the 1940 global map it looked pretty nice I think we will give that a try once I get my Global maps. We talked last night about some cool “what if” games like what if America or Italy didn’t join the allies or maybe joined the central powers. Lots of different ideas that we could play out on a world map and have a lot of fun.

    I will keep a watch for HBG maps.

  • '17

    Has anyone developed a ww1 setup for the 36 map or any others?
    I’d like to have a go at something like that!
    Some of the best games are developed by the community on here.

    I’ve been waiting for a while for some of these HBG variants…

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