• Hello everyone,
    does anyone have a GW 36 map as a file to download? I was not able to find one online, not even on the HBG website.

    Hmm, maybe HBG can send a digital copy if you can prove that you bought a map…

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    That’s the one item that they restock right away wen they run out. Contact Doug at HBG and he will get some new ones printed up asap. There are no digital downloads.

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    I have tried to get a digital copy as well.  Would gladly pay and protect any copyright.  Would like to print on metal.  To no avail.  Would be great too if it was open source so others could modify, enhance, add house rules, etc.

  • I have already ordered a map. It is just that when reading some of the strategies posted here it would be great to have a quick look at the map.
    Plus, I had a digital map of the A&A Global 40 map and some great ideas came to me just by looking at it while thinking of my first moves. The longer you look, the more you see :)

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    Panzerpenguin on utube has a digital 36 game. This may provide you with an alternative. I’ve never tried it I’m more into the table top variety

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