Is there an official HBG version of Global 40 rules set?

  • I’ve noticed that HBG offers additional pieces designed for their Global War game but I’ve seen in the instructions that there are sometimes additional rules to be used for Axis and Allies Global 40.  They do mention their version uses the 12 sided dice system.  I was wondering if there was a rule set that I’m missing.  I searched for a while and haven’t found anything concrete.

  • On each expansion pack there are a set of suggested rules; also under their games are sets of rules to download; just have to read further down the page after the descriptions; HBG shares quite a bit just have to be able to navigate their webpage; hope this helps.

  • '17

    divide attack and defence values by 2.
    Converts from D12 to D6 or half.
    There is more variety available for the 12 sided dice.
    3 is 1.5 on a D6 so you may need to fudge the numbers a bit
    Build cost in 1940 is all at once so 5/5/5/5= 20IPC rather than 4 turns each @$5

    In case they dont add the 1940 rules at the end. Not all have this included anymore.

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