• I just used an online Dicey for the first time in a Classic game with Darth.  But that Dicey is configured for Classic.

    Does any know of a site that has an easy to use, e-mail results, dicey configured for Revised?

  • Forgive me if I am misunderstanding you…  I play A&A on a game from triplea.sourceforge.net.  It is a java based GUI for many of the A&A variants out there.  I believe it has an email based option from which you can play the game against others.  It also has a client/server option with chat line.  They are working on an AI engine for those who want to play solo.  Does this help any?


  • http://www.irony.com/mailroll.html

    Not sure if this is like dicey, but you can specify how many dice you’re rolling and it’ll send a message to you and to the other guy if you has his email.

    It’s not very precise as it won’t divide up the different categories of attack dice, but for example:

    Let’s say you’re attacking with 12 infantry, 4 artillery, and 3 tanks.

    You would have the dice server roll 19 dice of 6 sides.

    You would interpret the results as the first 8 rolls are infantry (ones), next 8 rolls are art/infantry (twos), and the last 3 are tanks (threes).

  • 2007 AAR League

    Go to:    www.daak.de

    Has a great online resource for rolling dice via the web.

    The site is German, but it has an English translation too.


  • Just FY for others following this thread…

    At the German site, you either need to be a member, or you have to select a low-luck dice server.  But otherwise, it is exactly like Dicey and is available for regular or revised.

    The other die server site would just be annoying to track, especially in some large European fights.

    May have to see about membership in DAAK (appears to be free) to use their die server…

    TY Tri and Perry for your quick responses!

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