Need help with good us Strategy. I've mastered every other country except USA!

  • Help!  Every time I play with the Allies, I lose 60% of the time.  With America, I have bought complexes in Alaska and Sinkiang and its still too little too late.  How do I get max amount of troops to asia in the quickest amount of time?  My opponent always buys 1 IC on mainland with japan and starts cranking out tanks asap.  I cant hold out with russia for more than 4-5 turns usually agains japan.  Help me!

    Ps…Ive tried building a Navy with US, but it takes too long to making a dominant force.

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    Now as some have corrected me rightly I will add a disclaimer at the beginning of this Strat:

    No Strategy presented is fool-proof and should be played with extreme discretion by the player taking into account the variables presented by the enemy

    So… If Japan does a Pearl light (1 DD, 1 Sub, 2 Fighters, 1 Bomber, maybe a BB) then counter it with all available firepower: 1 BB, 1 Trans, 1 Bomber, 1 Fighter. This force should destroy any forces that may linger and prevent you from starting your Pacific Campaign. The main problem you have now is that you are not looking at his weakest link in the long chain of Supply lines. AaA is all about supplying the necessary units to various fronts, no doubt you have noticed that. His weakest link is his innability to fight an extended Naval Campaign since he can’t afford a massive navy that otherwise would be turned into Tanks to drive to Moscow.

    T1 Purchases:

    2 Trans  16
    1 AC      16
    2 Armor  10

    42 IPC’s

    Let’s assume worse case scenario for likely outcome: You devestate the enemy in Pearl at the cost of all units commited, leaving your navy rather sparse. flying your East coast fighter to the west coast allows a T2 deployment on the AC. Placing is rather easy, West Coast. T2 You can attack Solomons with 2 Infantry, 2 Armor. The Fighter is atleast commited on the AC and will cover the fleet. T3 you can combine the American Fleet and British in SZ 38? below East Indies. Now it is US-UK Punch Against Japan instead of the other way around. You should also continue building forces to add to this number, mainly DD’s and Subs. These, going through the Solomons Pipeline will serve you invaluably in attacking Japan. T5 you should have ample forces to raid his Navy, and if not be happy that you have started to accomplish your goal, because less tanks are driving towards Moscow. As the US you may even want to hit coastal IC’s if unprotected, another advantage to amassing a navy against land based coastal production facilities…

    That is my spin on a general idea of how to take Japan down… The main thing to remember is adapt in placement and purchase based ot what your opponent does. No one strategy works because no one player does the same thing. You may notice that the Germans are floundering in Europe and decide to Attack at full force in Western Europe, in which case the above mentioned strategy is useless, but keep an open mind based on what your opponent does…


  • I appreciate your response.  I am an experienced player, just suck with usa.  I will try that out.  I usually have no probs containing germany with UK and Russia.  So you advise against building IC in sinkiang and india?  I used to build a complex in Alaska, but you can only produce 2 units per turn so its not worth it.

  • If you have little to no need to support Europe with the US, then you may want to look at a thread I posted in the Classic area called “Island Hopping”.  It would need to be modified for Revised, but might serves as a good jumping off point.  Revised simply adds so many more possibilities…

    For example, in US1, US could build a BB, and ARM/INF loaded tranny to start ehri island hopping instead of using subs and their existing Western BB.  Hell of a powerful Navy to set loose on US2…

    With Carriers and FIGS being cheaper in Revised, you can even send fighter supported trannies to scoop up islands…

    And of course, the islands are worth far mroe in revised than Classic, so much more viable economically.

    You might consider, after sending off your initial forces, following them with a DST, 2 TRN, 3 INF and 1 ARM each round.  These forces would be following our initial 2 BB’s, 2 TRN and land forces deployed to the South Pacific in US2…

    Aropund US5, you have a MASSIVE fleet of DST’s, BB’s and Trannies where they can threaten all of Japan’s major holdings, including Japan itself.  Japan will HAVE to go naval instead of focusing on Asia if you start sending that kind of naval power into the Pacific.  Making life a LOT easier for Russia AND UK.

  • Thanks a bunch.  Ill give that a shot. 😉

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